Just when you might have thought that the building-controls market had peaked comes growth of well over 20% overall — according to the latest figures from the Building Controls Industry Association.
Modern variable-speed drives can become an integral part of a building-management system — and eliminate the need for motor control panels. John Reid describes the realities.
The LON communication protocol has a history stretching back about 15 years, and is firmly placed as a control technology for future generations, as Ron Bernstein explains.
Traditional approaches to balancing recirculating hot-water systems fail in their task as soon as a tap is opened. They also do not readily permit the satisfactory thermal disinfection of a system. David Corner explains a better approach.
Nic Mallinson reminds us of the dangers of hot water and calls for the wider use of thermostatic mixing valves.
Solar energy for hot water in commercial buildings is becoming increasingly touted as the way forward, says Bob Walsh
Mike McDonald explains how the flexibility and efficiency of central plant in developments such as apartments can be combined with individual control in each apartment.Providing hot water in large-scale projects, apartment buildings, mixed-use developments and specialist housing projects such as care villages, presents some new challenges in the current era of reducing carbon footprint.
David Pepper explains how direct gas-fired water heaters have an important role to play in reducing energy consumption and helping to exploit renewable energy.

Attention all shipping

08 May, 2008
An ocean liner arrives at the City Cruise Terminal in Southampton about 60 times a year, but when it does the terminal needs to be ready for hundreds or even thousands of passengers to disembark and others to join the ship.
The INVent controller for Monodraught’s Sola-boost natural-ventilation system can control up to four zones and includes connections for sensors for temperature, rain, carbon-dioxide and windspeed/weather. Other features include a built-in BMS fault signal alarm, heating interlock/occupancy facility, fire service keyswitch over-ride facility and interconnection with a fire alarm to automatically close dampers in response to an alarm.
Honeywell’s Enterprise Buildings Integrators (EBI) working with LonWorks technology links building-management systems with financial and personnel records and supply chain of Italy’s leading financial newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore in its new headquarters in Milan.
A simple and cost-effective way of presenting real-time data for electricity consumption, carbon emissions and costs is provided by PRI’s Scroller for XP.

Crabtree embraces KNX

08 May, 2008
Electrical-accessory manufacturer Crabtree has developed a range of KNX switches as part of its Platinum range. The KNX control protocol is embedded in these switches, so they can communicate using the KNX bus to a host of other devices such as sensors, actuators and smart controllers.
To avoid problems with temperature sensors caused by the ingress of moisture, especially at the interface between the lead and the sensor, ATC Semitec has developed a range of TPE-encapsulated sensors with leads and sensors of the same material to create a waterproof barrier rated to IP68 and capable of operation at up to 105°C.
The ability of KNX intelligent-building technology to integrate and manage many different building-services functions and systems is fully exploited in a multi-purpose commercial headquarters building in Cheshire. Forum House was built three years ago and provides 3000 m2 of space on two floors.
The xitec processor from TridonicAtco is the latest in a line of intelligent ballasts to follow the successful ASIC generations. It is based on two decades of technology and knowledge producing dimmable and non-dimmable ballasts and offers sophisticated functionality for lamp and lighting management.
Sontay has added a new series of gas sensors and a water detection alarm to its product offering. They provide a valuable addition to a building-management system.
Daikin Europe now offers a solar kit for its Altherma heat-pump systems for space heating in houses and the supply of hot water to generate domestic hot water using solar energy.
It takes only 5 s for the Inline ES instantaneous water heater from Zip Heaters to deliver temperature controlled hot water to its tap.
Pegler’s Pride range of bathroom brassware products offers basin, bath and bidet taps in a contemporary square styling.
The Dualstream system from GAH Heating provides a way of improving the performance of hot- and cold-water outlets in homes with a poor mains supply.
Instantaneous hot water at mains pressure will be provided in apartments of the redeveloped Highbury Stadium, the former home of Arsenal Football Club, by SAV AquaCon indirect modules served by central boiler plant. These modules will also provide independently controlled hot water for each apartment.
Chelmer Heating’s Ecocat high-efficiency water cylinder can accept input from a heat pump and also has another coil to accept heat from solar collectors for both heating and hot water.
Up to 17 000 l/h of hot water can be provided for the City of Belfast Playing Fields in Mallusk by water heaters supplied by Lochinvar.
Rhinos at Whipsnade Zoo are enjoying hot water generated by a solar thermal system for showers and heating their pool water. This vacuum-tube system also serves the heating coil of the air-handling unit.
Redring’s Aqualoy range of stainless-steel large unvented water storage heaters can deliver a flow of 55 l/m and can easily supply a power shower, thus avoiding the need for a separate pump. They now have a low-noise immersion heater in response to customer demand.

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Going Underground

ABM has announced a significant contract win with Transport for London (TfL) to provide mechanical and electrical (M&E) services across the London Underground network.