Vent-Axia adds to its range of whole-house ventilation

Vent-Axia’s HR204 LoWatt ventilation unit can recover up to 70% of the energy in exhaust air.
Vent-Axia has introduced two more whole-house ventilation system. The LoWatt HR204 is an SAP Appendix Q listed solution capable of 70% heat recovery. The 205 MEV is a central extract system designed to operate solely from a cooker-hood location. The LoWatt heat-recovery system is designed to remove warm, moist air from bathrooms and kitchens and pass it through a heat exchanger to recover up to 70% of heat that would otherwise be wasted. It has a performance of up to 185 m3/h FID capacity (balanced airflow) and complies with Part F of the 2006 Building Regulations for whole-house ventilation. It can be installed in a kitchen or airing cupboard, with inlet and discharge ducts connected to outside walls, roof or central risers. The 205 MEV is a central extract unit to remove cooking fumes, odours and other pollutants while simultaneously ventilating separate areas from within the dwelling. Integrated within the telescopic cooker hood, this low-noise unit is suitable for continuous operation. It has an integral fire damper and 6-speed operation, which can be boosted by an external controller.
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