Dimplex welcomes code changes for heat pumps

A recent statement by DCLG recognising the carbon-saving benefits of heat pumps has been welcomed by Dimplex.
Heat-pump manufacturer Dimplex has welcomed an amendment to the technical guidance for the ‘Code for Sustainable homes’ by DCLG (Department of Communities & Local Government) that recognises the energy-efficiency and carbon-saving benefits of heat pumps. Several points of confusion are clarified, so specifiers can continue to incorporate ground- and air-source heating pumps as a strategy to meet the carbon-reduction requirements of the code.* In a statement issued as an addendum to the code’s technical guidance, DCLG acknowledges that the April 2008 document contained ‘a number of references which inadvertently suggested that changes had been made in the code relating to compliance with the energy performance requirement. In fact, there is no change from the guidance of October 2007 in the way that air-source heat pumps can be used as part of a solution for sections Ene 1 (DER calculation) and Ene 7 (calculation for additional low-zero carbon credits). Plus, there is currently (and never has been) any requirement in the code to justify the choice of fuel specified. Specifically, the correction statement confirms that there is no change from the October 2007 technical guide in that air-source heat pumps can be specifically included as part of a solution for both calculations. There is currently no requirement in the code (nor was there previously) to justify the choice of fuel or to use any other fuel factor than stipulated within SAP for the DER calculation within Ene 1. Chris Davis, head of renewables at Dimplex, says, ‘We are pleased that CLG has issued this clarification statement, as a number of developers have already recognised that heat pumps will play a major role in achieving the carbon-emissions reductions required by the code. ‘It is crucial that Government departments and their technical advisors present a join-up approach to renewable-energy technologies. CLG’s code technical guidance is now consistent with the Government’s wider micro-generation policies, for example the fact that air- and ground-source heat pumps are included within the Low Carbon Buildings Programme and the Microgeneration Certification Scheme.’
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