MagnaClean unblocks Leeds hospital heating system

The operation of heavily scaled heating systems in a Leeds Hospital has been enormously improved following the installation of Adey MagnaClean Industrial units.

Problems caused by extreme scaling of the heating system at Leeds General Infirmary are being overcome by the installation of Adey’s MagnaClean Industrial units.

Two units have been installed, and there are plans for four more to be installed as part of an ongoing upgrade. Parts of the hospital were opened by Queen Victoria, and much of the heating system is also aging.

Stuart Keane, mechanical team leader of the estates department, explains, ‘With such an aging system, we’ve encountered extreme scaling throughout the whole system, which has meant it has been very difficult firstly to maintain correct temperature levels and then carry out maintenance to correct the situation.

‘The MagnaClean Industrial units have already been removing high levels of magnetite sludge deposits from the system, and this has totally negated the need for far more intrusive and costly maintenance which could have been so much more disruptive to the hospital.

‘Based on what we’ve seen already, I’m far more confident about achieving the temperature levels required in the future. The theatres are the biggest concern, but we’ve been fulfilling the requirements, and the transformation in the system has been remarkable.

MagnaClean Industrial units operate in two ways. First, they purge even the dirtiest commercial systems of potentially damaging iron oxide. Secondly, the ongoing operation of the heating system is improved significantly as the water circulates through what is effectively a ‘protected’ iron-oxide-free zone.

Another option considered by the hospital would have involved removing pipework that was causing loss of heat. However, as much of it is inaccessible, the implications would have been massive in terms of cost and upheaval.

Installing MagnaClean filters is quicker, safer and far more cost effective.

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