Samsung’s approach to VRF air conditioning boosts performance and capabilities


With the launch of its DVM Plus III VRF air-conditioning system, Samsung is claiming the largest system capacity, the longest piping lengths and the smallest footprint for a 16 hp unit (0.92 m2).

The DVM range (it stands for Digital Variable Multi) is available as heat-pump and heat-recovery versions for applications such as hotels and offices and is being marketed nationally through approved distribution partners.

New technologies applied in this range achieve COPs of up to 4.23, compared with a claimed next best of 4.15 and up to 11% better than previous models. The technologies include Copeland’s Digital Vapour Injection scroll compressor and vapour inject. A turbo intercooler improves cooling and heating performance and energy efficiency through 2-stage compression, improved refrigeration flow rates and enhanced sub-cooling to maintain the capacity of remote terminal units.

The digital scroll compressor can modulate continuously down to 10% of full capacity by mechanically separating the two scrolls for increasing periods of a 10 s cycle. This approach avoids the need for an oil-return cycle; oil only leaves during the loaded cycle, and refrigerant velocity is sufficient to return oil to the compressor.

Outdoor units are available in 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 hp modules and can be combined up to 64 hp (180 kW of cooling) to support up to 64 indoor units.

The maximum pipe length between outdoor unit and furthest indoor unit is 200 m, with up to 50 m height difference. There can be up to 45 m between the first branch joint and the furthest unit (90 m if the next size of pipe is installed).

Performance of the outdoor unit is further enhanced by a new heat exchanger with a grooved tube to reduce pressure loss and improve heat transfer, and an efficient new G-fin design. The fan and the fan guard have been returned for better air flow, reduced noise and increased efficiency.

Indoor units have cooling capacities from 2.2 to 14 kW in wall-mounted, cassette, ducted, floor and convertible types.

There is a range of control systems. A Web-based data management server (DMS) gives remote control up to 256 indoor units. A Smart Net Control System (S-Net 3) provides integrated PC management software to control up to 16 DMS units (4096 indoor units)

A 7 in touch screen controller can control up to 256 indoor units.

A centralised control system can control up to 4096 units in 16 groups.

There is a guest-room management system for hotels operated by a guest’s key tag.

Finally, units can be individually controlled through wired or wireless remote controllers.

Samsung also offers design software for specifies and system designers.

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