Star Refrigeration delivers yet another successful chilling performance

Star Refrigeration Indigo chiller
Efficient cooling for the server room of a global headquarters in London is provided by this 1000 kW water-cooled Indigochiller from Star Refrigeration.

The installation of a Star Refrigeration Indigochiller using the Turbocor compressor will deliver energy-efficient air conditioning for the data centre in the global head office of GlaxoSmithKline at Brentford.

This chiller uses the Turbocor centrifugal compressor with R134a. Magnetic bearings eliminate the need for oil, and a robust PLC control system enables the user to monitor running conditions and optimise efficiency. Star’s own research shows that these chillers use only 60% of the energy required by a standard chiller operating on typical load and ambient profiles.

The data centre runs around the clock with a high heat load from a mass of computer servers. The Indigochiller was chosen in a competitive tender process that highlighted significant savings in energy, carbon emissions and lifecycle costs.

This chiller has a cooling capacity of 1000 kW and uses water from the local canal to cool the condenser and maximise efficiency. Cooling is delivered by chilled water.

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