Add-on cooling for IT racks

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Climaveneta’s Cooling Door delivers energy-efficient cooling in data centres with high thermal loads, such as those generated by high-density racks and modern blade servers. Suitable for all sizes of data centre, chilled-water CCD units can be integrated with existing air conditioning for managing hot spots in large data centres. They can also be used as stand-alone cooling units for managing exhaust air from a single rack.

CCD units are directly housed at the rear of the rack without occupying space that can be used for racks, while being perfectly positioned for cooling hot exhaust air from the servers.

CCD units can achieve seasonal efficiencies greater than 100 by combining the efficiency of hydronic heat extraction with EC fans to match cooling to the requirements of the system.

When used for managing hot spots, CCD units are only required to reduce the temperature of the exhaust air to a level that the main air-conditioning system can cope with efficiently. Consequently, they can use higher chilled-water flow temperatures to reduce the risk of condensation and maximise the potential for free cooling.

Cooling capacities range from 26 to 40 kW. There are two versions— Basic (four sizes) and Dual (two sizes) with independent dual power feeds, batteries and valves to provide 100% redundancy.

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