3-phase RCBO for Eaton’s Memshield 3

Eaton, Memshield, distribution board, RCBO

Eaton now offers a 3-phase RCBO that can fit directly into the popular Memshield 3 range of distribution boards. This RCBO is a 3-pole plus permanently connected neutral device, eliminating the inconvenience and extra cost associated with using externally mounted RCDs to protect 3-phase boards.

Offering inline independent tripping, this RCBO provides over-current protection for loads from 6 to 32 A and earth-leakage trip sensitivities of 30, 100 and 300 mA. The Type A earth-leakage protection means it is effective with AC and pulsating DC supplied.

It is designed for 240/415 V 50 Hz supplied and has a breaking capacity of 10 kA.

There are two indicator flags. One provides visual confirmation of whether circuits are open or closed. The second provides similar confirmation of the trip status.

This RCBO takes up four pole ways in a 3-phase distribution board — three phases and a phase position of the neighbour circuit, from which it is insulated. The neighbour circuit has only two phase circuits for single-phase feeds, or it can be blanked off.

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