Helvar launches second phase of Tridium driver

Helvar, Tridium, Niagara, lighting control

A software update to Helvar’s Niagara driver is available as a free download. Supporting open technologies such as DALI and EnOcean, the Helvar IP driver integrates lighting control with other BMS components on Tridium’s renowned Niagara interface, providing freedom of choice for integration.

The latest software upgrades reduce time on site for programmers and streamlines the process of opening up lighting-control networks to other systems such as automated blinds and HVAC.

The Niagara platform provides a powerful configuration, commissioning and operating tool to users of Helvar’s Digidim and Imagine systems. The upgraded driver includes widgets for the easy creation of PX graphics for luminaires, button panels, sensors and DALI emergency modules. to create a more graphical, intuitive interface.

Also new is the component-creator widget that automates the adding of runtime strategy for all luminaires on a network, such as emergency function tests.

An automatic-discovery function is part of the upgrade. It identifies workgroups, groups within a router and the devices connected to the routers — easing the development process and shortening design cycles.

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