£50 million of funding to help save energy

EMSc, voltage optimisation, LED lighting, variable-speed drives
Cash-positive energy-saving opportunities — Dr Alex Mardapittas.

EMSc (UK) has £50 million available for administration to public and private-sector companies wishing to invest in implementing specific energy-saving technologies. The £50 million is for technologies that can deliver a return on investment within a 5-year period, as identified in reports prepared by the NHS Sustainable Development Unit. Funds will be provided interest free for up to five years.

The funds are only available for three technologies (voltage optimisation, LED lighting and variable-speed drives), as they have been proven to provide the highest energy savings across a range of different-sized sites. EMSC itself specialises in voltage optimisation.

Applications for the funding can only be made through EMSc until 31 December 2013 and will be subject to status and approval.

Dr Alex Mardapittas, managing director of EMSc UK Ltd commented, ‘The funding will allow public and private sector companies across the UK to become more energy efficient and save money at the same time. The £50 million available will ensure that projects with a payback period of less than five years become cash positive from day one. We are looking forward to working with them to help them maximise their energy savings.’

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