Trend’s sub-meters are simple to deploy

submeter, Trend Control Systems

Trend Control Systems has developed a range of sub-meters that provide a simple-to-deploy solution to work with its BEMSs. A field trial by the Carbon Trust showed that, on average, organisations that switch to using advanced metering reduced their carbon emissions by 12% and achieved financial savings of 5% through lower utility bills.

Sub-metering is also covered in Part L, which requires at lest 90% of incoming energy to be accounted for through sub-metering. Larger buildings, over 1000 m2, are required to include automatic meter reading and facilities for data collection.

Trend’s range of four sub-meters are multi-phase devices. They can be supplied with either open-collector pulse outputs or Modbus communications. They are also available for either direct communication to the measured supply or connection using 5 A current transformers.

All meters have a 7-digit display to show total energy, power, voltage and current for each phase. They also have a kWh pulse indicator and dual-tariff recording capability.

These meter conform to the requirements of EN 50470-3 (Class B) and IEC 62053-0 (Class 1).

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