The ceiling unit that cools, heats and meets acoustic requirements

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SPC’s ceiling-mounted Thermabeam combines the functions of three products in a single unit. They are a high-performance cooling beam using a higher water temperature of 16/18°C, energy-efficient heating sail using a water temperature of 40°C and an acoustic sound raft. The cooling capability is enhanced by an extra cooling coil positioned centrally in the sail.

Thermabeam also has the added advantage of a coil that produces a strong buoyancy-driven flow of cool air down through the coil to add to the radiant cooling effect of the sail. The large radiant surface is retained, meaning a lower temperature and, therefore, an energy saving compared to a conventional passive chilled beam.

When chilled water is passed through the coils, the large chilled lower surface absorbs radiant gains from the room, which means lower temperatures. The air above the panel is also cooled — either convecting downwards around the panel edges or through the central cooling coil and then falling towards the floor.

In heating mode, the central coil is turned off, so the unit operates as a radiant panel, but with a higher convective output because of its insulated top surface. Thermabeam is normally designed for cooling, so only low water temperatures are needed to satisfy heat loads.

The acoustic perforations and lining enable these units to meet room acoustic requirements.

Thermabeam can be supplied with LED downlighting or used as a platform for a range of lighting systems. It is silent in operation.

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