CentraLine’s new Zio Lite touch sensors

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Look forward to the Zio Lite having a useful place in future projects — CentraLine

Control manufacturers are continually assessing their product portfolio to ensure customer requirements are satisfied.

Advances in technology are usually focused on control, integration and communication — which are generally accepted as being the core of building management systems (BMS).

However, just as the CentraLine Hawk integration controller can be considered to be the ‘brain’ of a BMS, it is the all-important field devices that provide the sensory input of the accurate information essential for the control and responsiveness of a system.

This is particularly true of sensors located in or referencing an occupancy space. The comfort and wellbeing of people is the primary requirement of a building-management or HVAC-control system.

Sensors located in living spaces need to meet three main criteria.

• accuracy

• robustness

• aesthetic acceptability.

Ease of use and a clear display are essential where occupants have an interaction with the sensor, especially in situations where transient or unfamiliar users read or adjust the settings.

The new Zio Lite range from CentraLine comprises simple wall-mounted sensors with a broad range of applications that include temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide with an optional adjustment capability. They are purpose designed to interface with the CentraLine Lynx field controllers using their 2- wire polarity-insensitive Sylk bus to provide both communication and power.

The Lynx field controllers are available in LON and BACnet open protocols and are typically used with fan-coil units, VAV, chilled ceilings, underfloor heating and air-handling units.

A derivative of the advanced programmable CentraLine Zio LCD range of sensors, the Zio Lite versions are cost -ffective application solutions requiring less-demanding features and functionality.

The Zio Lite is available with display (CLCMTR42) and without display (CLCMTR40). Both models can incorporate temperature, humidity or carbon-dioxide sensing.

There are six Zio Lite sensor variants, with and without displays. Both versions are suitable for:

• temperature;

Honeywell, CentraLine, Zio

• temperature plus humidity;

• temperature plus humidity plus carbon dioxide.

The Zio display models’ features include fan-speed options, override functions and, if required, the ability to switch between centigrade and Fahrenheit.

In hotel and tenanted apartment applications, there is the capability to provide a ‘Warmer-Cooler’ or actual temperature set-point adjustment.

An ‘installer’ mode, with selectable password protection, provides for a wide scope of engineering functions — including temperature and humidity calibration, numerical or graphical set-point adjustment and range-limit settings.

The installer mode also allows selection of the over-ride adjustment, either in network time or 1 to 24 hours. English language or international icons are options on a display that can show the sensor and set-point values on the home screen or by using scroll buttons on the front of the module.

The Zio Lite is installed using a wired wall-mounted sub-base and a snap-on method of securing the module. The display model has four buttons for set-point adjustment, over-ride function and auto, on, off and low/medium/high fan speed control. The non-display model has a blank plastic cover plate.

The Zio Lite is a useful competitive addition to the CentraLine range of Lynx controllers and programmable wall mounted sensors.

The Sylk bus ensures a versatile cost-efficient field network providing a Lynx based sub-system that can be incorporated into wider building management systems based on the Hawk integration controller.

CentraLine Manager Jim Sword, said, ‘We are always working to support our CentraLine Partners and their clients with a portfolio that meets their requirements for technical excellence and flexibility of economic product selection.

‘The Zio Lite is an excellent example of a product designed to competitively extend our range by balancing functionality with reduced application requirements.

‘We look forward to the Zio Lite having a useful place in future projects — including hotels, apartments and office buildings that we believe offer specific market sector opportunities.’

If you would like more information on the Zio Lite and the full range of CentraLine products and systems please visit the link below.

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