CentraLine are also pleased to announce the arrival of the latest version of their powerful supervisor ARENA NX v4.4.

ARENA NX, a BACnet supervisor, integrates HVAC systems and non-HVAC systems (e.g. lighting, access control, alarm systems, fire protection and others) in a building or throughout several buildings. It enables easy operation of complex facilities, extensive data acquisition and evaluation capabilities in a building, as well as interdisciplinary automation strategies – all of which are designed to increase comfort, whilst simultaneously reducing energy and maintenance costs.

The primary applications are those where several CentraLine HAWK, EAGLEHAWK and/or EAGLE controllers communicate within a network and with other systems using TCP/IP communication standards (such as BACnet/IP, LON over IP, oBIX, OPC (client), Modbus TCP, KNX/IP and SNMP and others). Both IP and non-IP-based systems can be simply integrated via CentraLine HAWK devices.

ARENA NX provides visually processed and easy to understand real-time information, such as central control icons, data recording and archiving. User-configurable dashboards can be used to group important information together, and system-wide alarm management is easily and quickly enabled.

This latest version offers a significantly improved user experience:

• Point list view – retains the familiarity of known software using standard browser technology, but now comes with enhanced GUI enabling:- the viewing of core point information; quick fi ltering for points in alarm/overridden state; the ability to save point lists as favourites. Users can now convert complex schematics into an easily understandable, tabular format for a comprehensive overview of system health status

• HTML5 C-Bus Scheduler – all C-Bus features are fully supported without the use of Java applets, and HTML5 views are included for compliance with current cyber security standards. Accessible via PC browser and mobile devices

• Care Import Wizard – signifi cantly improves the experience for offl ine engineering and overall engineering effi ciency; provides an intuitive Guided Import Process for transfer of the entire engineered plant and point structure from CARE without additional effort. Supports BACnet IP and MSTP; and both Physical and Virtual C-Bus protocols

• Enhanced Schedule View – Our new schedule view offers an enhanced user experience. The common, easy to use schedule has a modern look and feel, whilst utilising HTML 5 to remove the necessity for additional browser plug ins.

To find out more about EAGLEHAWK NX or ARENA NX v4.4 please go to the link below or contact your usual representative. A dedicated EAGLEHAWK NX section of the website is expected in early July.


Have you seen the whizzy new section for Products and Documentation on the main CentraLine website? It’s got all the brochures you need to refer to, the Product Catalogue and a great System overview …. plus microsites for ARENA NX, ENERGY VISION NX, HAWK 8000, EAGLEHAWK NX and MERLIN. Why not go and take a look today? (Second link below)

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