The new ENERGY VISION NX from CentraLine

CentraLine, Energy Vision NX

CentraLine announces latest version of ENERGY VISION NX - a software solution for professional building energy management.

ENERGY VISION NX is a very powerful tool for monitoring and analysing the energy efficiency of buildings and installations.

Built on CentraLine Niagara web technology, the software provides a professional tool for energy benchmarking and analysis, and for managing all energy-related data.

Daily Consumption: Detect inefficient energy usage by comparing multiple days across their 24-hr periods.

This flexible software allows users to create browser pages with tailored content, and scaled to suit any screen solution and device. It also includes the latest cyber security standards.

ENERGY VISION NX is the ideal system to manage energy; to analyse and optimise the operation of facilities; and to measure performance across multiple buildings or estates. ENERGY VISION NX:

• Offers complete transparency and traceability of energy consumption across different applications

• Complies with the latest controls standards and EN ISO 50001 requirements

• Provides scalability from the smallest to the largest installations, starting with the simplest set-up on controller level up to large distributed systems at building supervisor level

• Runs directly on a controller or as part of the ARENA NX Building Supervisor

Visualise and compare the performance of your sites, buildings and plants. Start energy efficiency actions optimising your biggest consumers. 

Michael Rader, CentraLine business leader, says: “Facilities managers want accurate information regarding their building’s energy performance – anywhere, on any tool, from a PC to tablet to smartphones. ENERGY VISION NX provides all of this and more, served up via a web interface for ultimate ease of interaction.”

The ENERGY VISION NX version is based on HTML 5 technology and applies latest cyber security standards. It automatically collects and analyses all forms of energy consumption in a facility, and provides data in visually appealing graphics and diagrams, making it easier for building managers to:

• Easily recognise energy-saving opportunities

• Identify measures to avoid waste of energy and optimise usage

• Use analysis features to detect anomalies

• Employ benchmarks to better compare energy performance of buildings and estates

• Raise awareness regarding the facility’s energy efficiency by using energy dashboards

Get a one screen heat map view of the yearly data of a consumer. A click on any point of the chart shows the daily profile. Easily configure the heat map. 

Analyse and optimise

Being fully web-enabled, ENERGY VISION NX allows users to monitor and analyse energy consumption locally or remotely from your platform of choice. Different access rights and viewing options allow tenants, facility managers and service partners to optimise energy consumption.

Visualisation is key

CentraLine’s ENERGY VISION NX converts technical data into easy-to-understand visual graphics. Benchmarking and ranking of energy consumption between meters, zones, systems, buildings and sites all help the user to focus on the biggest consumers and to begin energy-efficiency measures where they will yield the greatest benefit.

• Consumption values are converted into actual costs in €, £, and $

• ‘Push reports’ including the annual EN 50001 audit documentation are automatically generated and can be stored locally or sent to you via email.

Compare your consumption with the line- of-best-fit against outdoor temperature, degree days, or any other value of interest.

Kiosk mode

For a small standalone site such as a school or office, ENERGY VISION NX can provide an overview of the most important energy consumers by showing a rotating sequence of dashboard pages. This is ideal for use in a building foyer or reception area, where occupants can be encouraged to understand how they can improve the energy efficiency of their building.

For more information about ENERGY VISION NX, go to the link below.

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