Priva Blue ID controllers upgrade MoD site

Priva Blue ID controllers have played a key role in upgrading the building-management system at a 70-building MoD site in the West Midlands. It was installed by Building Management Solutions Integrators (BMSI), whose account manager Chris Bennett explains, ‘The BMS was slow, poorly maintained and relied on an old network.’ The new system, based on 55 Priva Blue ID controllers, is expected to achieve a return on investment in 2.4 years from large-scale energy savings.

A particular benefit of Priva Blue ID for this project was its 2-wire functionality using IP over a 2-wire cable. This makes it possible to re-use existing cabling during renovation work and bridge considerably longer distances that is achievable using Ethernet. BMSI was able to re-use existing sensors and cabling on seven networks to speed up installation work and minimise disturbance to existing infrastructure.

The system mainly oversees boiler, heating and hot-water functions, along with a little ventilation. The work took just under six months to complete.

BMSI monitors the site using its bureau service. Alarms flag up any spikes in energy consumption so that issues can be addressed without delay.

On site, a web-based PC graphics system enables authorised personnel to view the status of plant and data across the site.

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