CentraLine at the Niagara Forum 2015

Honeywell, CentraLine, Niagara Forum

CentraLine will be exhibiting at the Niagara Forum 2015 in London from 19 to 21 April. The Niagara framework software is used for the control, integration and communication in the CentraLine Hawk AX portfolio. CentraLine has over 140 Partners and is a market leader in bringing the Niagara AX to the UK building-control industry.

The Niagara Forum is an excellent opportunity for CentraLine Partners and users to review the Coach AX software’s almost limitless potential of interfacing with the wide spectrum of products and systems used in building automation.

The adoption of Smart devices for personal communication and user graphical interfacing has been an ideal technology fit for the Hawk AX, with its integration and ‘onboard front-end’ capabilities.

People are now in the era of the internet of things (IoT), where their smart phones and tablets remotely connect them to physical products and systems. An excellent example of the IoT is the remote connection of people to their heating and lighting systems, allowing them to monitor and adjust their home environment whilst travelling, working or on holiday.

CentraLine Partners are already proactive in projects where consumers can control and monitor their home independently of a building-management system installed in large high-end residential apartments.

The combination of the Hawk AX open-protocol capabilities to integrate multiple building services and Honeywell’s leadership in domestic control products has placed its Partners at the forefront of this exciting an expanding market sector.

The forum will enable CentraLine Partners to find out about the latest developments in Niagara software helping them build their business by supporting their customers with innovative cost-effective solutions.

Attendees will hear about the very latest building-automation technologies. The theme of the event will be ‘Open for innovation’.

Seminars will include case studies of practical examples, market insights into how the building-automation sector is developing and technical presentations.

CentraLine by Honeywell will be exhibiting its latest range of AX products alongside new developments that demonstrate the widening scope of Niagara-based technology in building automation.

This forum, like the Niagara software, will be based on openness and communication — providing CentraLine Partners an opportunity to meet other controls experts and manufacturers using this leading-edge technology.

Tridium, a Honeywell company, will be hosting the Niagara 2015 Forum.

If you would like to know more about the event or would like to register for your place, see second link below.

For more information on CentraLine by Honeywell please visit first link below.

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