Carlo Gavazzi’s scalable approach to managing multiple sites

Carlo Gavazzi, gateway, BMS, BEMS

Carlo Gavazzi’s VMU-Y EM gateway provides a scalable solution for monitoring a single site or multiple sites and installations. This device is enclosed in a 2-unit DIN module and can aggregate information for up to 10 VMU-C EM units within a single centralised interface. This effectively enables up to 320 meters to be monitored and the information accessed from any computer using a web browser.

All data can be viewed through the web browser, which uses a highly reactive software interface to provide exportable data from a selection of AC, DC and environmental variables in xls or csv format. Alarms and warnings are logged and automatically e-mailed immediately.

32 GByte of on-board data storage can store up to 30 years of data.

To help minimise costs, VMU-Y allows estimates of monthly costs based on the energy monitors and calculated by its embedded dual tariff.

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