Condair steam humidifier designed for reduced maintenance

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Condair’s RS resistive steam humidifier has a patented scale-management system that enables easy removal of limescale, reducing maintenance and extending operating periods between major services. It incorporates touchscreen control technology and has BMS connectivity as standard. This humidity uses water treated by reverse osmosis and offers ±1% control of relative humidity.

Scale that forms on the heating elements detaches during operation and falls into a collector tank underneath the boiling cylinder. As the picture shows, scale is removed by detaching the tank from its bayonet fastening. The humidifier can be returned to service in a few minutes without having to open the humidifier’s main cabinet.

To further extend periods between major services, the water inlet and drain are in a ‘cold-water pool’ to prevent scale blockages. By locating these orifices between an inner liner and the external wall of the boiling cylinder, the water temperature in this insulated area is kept at around 55°C. The inner lining prevents falling scale causing blockages, and the low water temperature inhibits the direct formation of scale.

A USB connection enables performance data, service history and faults to be recorded and downloaded to Excel for diagnostics. The USB port also enables the software to be updated. BMS is incorporated as standard, with BACnet and Modbus protocols.

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