Remeha ups heating and hot-water performance for Bath Almshouse

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Heating and hot-water services for 54 flats and communal areas in sheltered accommodation in Bath can now meet the demand following an increase in the size of the gas-supply pipework, which was inadequate before, and the installation of two Remeha Gas 210 Eco Pro 4-section condensing boilers and two direct gas-fired water heaters. Combe Park Almshouse is the latest addition to the St John’s Hospital’s portfolio of almshouses.

The previous heating system was undersized because there was insufficient gas supply and was also unable to deliver adequate heating and hot water at the same time as the primary hot water also generated domestic hot water via a storage tank.

BJP Consulting specified the new system.

Having improved the gas supply, the challenge for contractor RV Services was to transport the equipment to the roof-top plant room. The boilers installed are small and light, to they could be taken to the top floor in the passenger lift. The final stage was to lift the boilers up the last staircase and into the plant room with a pulley system.

Craig Ellam, facilities manager at St John’s Hospital, said, ‘We are delighted that at last these systems are fully functional so that our residents can enjoy life without the worry of insufficient hot water or of not being warm enough in their flats or community rooms.’

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