Software delivers control for LED lighting

The Smart Core lighting-control software developed by amBX is designed to be at the heart of connected lighting system enabled by the Internet of Things. Digital LED lighting can be connected and powered by IP networks (power over Ethernet), and Smart Core can control it without the need for costly programming or complex technical interfaces.

Smart Core works by controlling the lighting in a single space or multiple spaces based around end-user needs, whilst reacting to environmental factors such as available daylight, time of day, temperature, whether the spaced is in use or not and other relevant data.

They system then takes account of all these factors and delivers the best possible implementation of the desired outcome using the light sources that are available.

Characteristics of LED lighting that are utilised include colour appearance and colour temperature (tunable light) to simulate circadian rhythms to deliver human-centric lighting.

Because Smart Core is software based, its outcomes are scalable across just a few lights, tens of lights or even hundreds of thousands of lighting. This ability to scale is fundamental to reducing commissioning time.

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