Jaga trench heating helps redevelopment meet BREEAM target

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The redevelopment of the Ampersand building in Soho in London into a sophisticated office complex includes Jaga’s Mini Canal trench heating system for its ability to be aesthetically complimentary to the modern design and contribute to the ‘Very good’ BREEAM target. The building is occupied by a leading interactive-entertainment company for mobile devices and is characterised by floor-to-ceiling heights of 3.26 m across four floors of Grade A office space.

Each floor encircles a grand atrium and a spiral staircase.

Mini Canal heating can be accommodated into floor trenches just 90 mm deep.

Helping the building to reach its BREEAM target is Jaga’s Low-H2O heat emitter in the Mini Canal trench heaters. Low-H2O has been independently tested by KIWA as being the most economical radiator technology in the world. The low water content makes for considerable savings in energy and operating costs — up to 16% compared to standard steel-panel radiators.

David Taylor, Jaga’s sales representative for this project, says, ‘Ambitious architectural projects do not have to compensate on design in order to accommodate an effective heating option. The trench heating installed in the Ampersand building demonstrates this perfectly — with the units discreetly hidden away.’

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