Humidifier uses site low-pressure steam

Hygromatik, humidifier, steam

HygroMatik’s DDS direct-steam-injection unit for humidifying air is designed for applications where clean, low-pressure steam is available, such as hospitals and laboratories. There are two versions — DDS 20 and DDS 40, with maximum humidification capacities of 270 and 770 kg/h, respectively. They achieve short-distance humidification with condensate-free saturated steam.

The DDS used a high-performance steam dryer to separate condensate from steam using a spiral piping system. The high-capacity unit uses a tight-sealing ball-float condensate drain which applies the fast-reaction operating principle to drain away large quantities of condensate, preventing loss of steam, particularly during start-up.

The DDS also has a dirt trap to protect the control valve and condensate drain against dirt from the steam network.

The DDS also has a direct-connection bus-compatible actuator to ensure optimum control, allowing for especially fin control in lower ranges and fast reaction for high humidification requirements in higher ranges.

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