Reznor warm-air heating chosen for energy-efficient factory

Contributing to the energy-efficient of Diamond Power Speciality in Scotland is the use of Reznor warm-air heaters that can re-use heat generated by air compressors.
As part of a complete low-energy building design solution for the new Dumbarton plant of Diamond Power Speciality, Reznor floor-standing warm-air heaters have been installed. Early in the design process, Diamond Power worked with the Carbon Trust to maximise the effectiveness of low-carbon, high-efficiency technologies for the new premises, which make soot blowers for power stations. Implementing the Carbon Trust’s design advice is estimated to achieve costs savings for the new building of about £27 000 a year and reduce carbon-dioxide emissions by over 160 t a year. The 10 Reznor floor-standing warm-air heaters have outputs from 30 to 140 kW and are installed around the production and despatch areas and in the high-bay warehouse. They have modulating burners and a fresh-air ventilation option. These heaters have manoeuvrable vents to direct heat to where it is needed, which is a major factor in preventing energy wastage. The heaters incorporate mechanical heat recovery so they can re-use heat generated by air compressors. Reznor destratification fans in the roof redirect warm air down to the lowest 3 m of the building, improving efficiency by 10 to 20%. The heaters are et to heat the premises to 19 to 22°C, with automatic shut-off when the upper limit is reached.
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