IDS Logistics sets store by Airbloc air curtains

The 12 doorways of the IDS Logistics warehouse and distribution centre at Sheffield use Airbloc ambient-air curtains to form a barrier between indoors and outdoors.
The 35 500 m2 of the Sheffield warehouse of IDS Logistics at Sheffield is protected against draughts when doors are open by 12 Airbloc ambient-air curtains. The building is heated by 18 Ambi-Rad gas-fired warm-air units to a temperature of 16°C. The Airbloc air curtains are positioned over the external doorways and allow them to remain open with little detriment to internal comfort or energy usage. These air curtains deliver a sheet of ambient air across the doorway to block the ingress of cold air from outside and prevent heated internal air escaping. The reduction in energy loss compared with not having an air curtain is up to 80%. IDS Logistics stores a wide range of goods from textiles to beauty products for leading companies, including Marks & Spencer. Boxed products are stored in racks on the ground and mezzanine floors before being shipped to clients’ distribution centres nationwide.
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