Oventrop is star performer at new academy

The range of functions required of valves for water-based services the new Gateway Academy near Tilbury are met by Oventrop valves.
Following 10 years’ experience using Oventrop valves, contractor Lorne Stewart selected them for the heating and DHW systems of the new £28 million Gateway Academy near Tilbury in Essex for Thurrock Council. The academy has an external services room for all incoming services, from where services are fed underground and then upwards inside the main building to four service rooms in roof-void areas. Oventrop valves have been used throughout the project and include butter- fly and ball isolation, check valves, strainers, drain cocks and commissioning valves. In addition, 300 Brawamix thermostatic mixing valves control the temperature of hot water to wash basins. 260 radiators are fitted with presettable AV6 thermostatic radiator valves, and 120 radiant panels are equipped with Oventrop isolating valves and commissioning sets. Oventrop gas valves have been used in the plant room and service rooms. System design was by consulting engineers Barn Partnership.
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