Rhoss reduces footprint of new range of chillers

The footprint of a new range of Rhoss chillers from Coolmation is little more than half that of their predecessors.
The small size of a range of Rhoss chillers from Coolmation is said to make them especially suitable for retrofitting in replacement projects where space is at a premium. Their footprint is little more than half that of their predecessors. The TCAE Y Pack range is available with cooling capacities from 150 to 350 kW. They are also available as reverse-cycle heat pumps. The largest chiller in the range has a footprint of 6 m2, compared to 10 m2 for its predecessor. EERs are up to 2.87, and ESEERs (Eurovent seasonal rating) are up to 4.25. R410A is the refrigerant, and all models are available in standard silenced and super-silenced form. Further reductions in space requirement and installation cost can be achieved by opting for integral chilled-water circulating pumps, single or double, to provide standby and automatic changeover, expansion vessels and buffer tanks up to 1100 l capacity with safety valve and pressure gauge. Steve Warnock, managing director of Coolmation Group, says, ‘Coolmation is involved in a number of ongoing chiller-replacement projects, but in almost every case, dimensions become a real issue. The space taken up by the original chiller is invariably insufficient to accommodate the new higher-capacity one — causing real installation problems.’
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