Quick and easy method of making bacteria counts

Easicult dipslides from Kamco provide an easy way to determine the total bacterial count in cooling-system water without having to send samples to a fully equipped laboratory. These dipslides can be used, for example, to check water for bacterial activity in cooling towers, evaporative condensers and hot and cold water systems. Although they do not specifically indicate the presence of legionella bacteria Easicult indicates trends in micro-biological activity and the overall cleanliness of the systems. A dipslide is immersed in the liquid for a few seconds, returned to the transparent container and stored for 24 h in a warm place at a temperature of 25 to 30°C. During this time, bacteria present will grow as colonies, seen as red clusters on the dipstick agar. The bacterial count is determined by comparing the colonies on the slide with the chart supplied.
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