Outdoor air-conditioning units are more efficient and smaller

Greater efficiency and smaller dimensions are key improvements in Panasonic’s FS Inverter Standard Series of commercial air conditioners. CU-YL outdoor units are 10% more efficient than previous models as a result of design improvements in the compressors. There are four outdoor units of 2.5, 3, 4 and 5 hp. They are used singly with ceiling, cassette and concealed units of the same rating. Outdoor units from 3 hp upwards can be used with two matching indoor units. Pipe runs of up to 30 m between outdoor and indoor units are possible, with a vertical difference of up to 15 m — so a roof-mounted unit can serve an area three floors down. Inverter control enables systems to run at capacity on start-up to achieve the set temperature (heating or cooling) quickly. The system then switches to the lowest possible setting to maintain the setpoint.
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