Armstrong launches new range of twin-head pumps

Armstrong twin-head pumps

A new range of twin-head pumps from Armstrong is suitable for higher temperatures and pressures than their predecessors. There are 11 pumps in the range with duties from 2.8 l/s at 31 kPa to 49 l/s at 96 kPa.

The twin-head pumps build on the success of the Startwin range and have the same flange-to-flange dimensions, making them a direct replacement when retro-fitting and upgrading, as well being high-performance pumps for new applications.

Energy efficiency is up to 10 percentage points better than previous models.

There are fixed-speed and variable-speed options for each size. Variable-speed capability is provided using Armstrong’s intelligent IVS ‘sensorless’ technology. The pumps have built-in inverters which automatically calculate the demand and adjust speed accordingly, eliminating the need for differential-pressure sensors across the HVAC system.

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