Dunham-Bush provides heating and natural ventilation for new school buildings

The functions of natural ventilation and perimeter heating are combined by Dunham-Bush Freshvector units in new school buildings in Peterborough.

Heating and natural ventilation is being provided by Dunham-Bush’s Freshvector system in two new buildings at The King’s School in Peterborough.

Freshvector uses specially developed vents with motorised dampers and attenuators in the outside wall to allow fresh air to be drawn across high-level heating elements using the stack effect. Fresh air is preheated, and draughts associated with conventional ventilation are eliminated. Noise levels are very low.

The new buildings are a sixth-form centre and humanities block — both with building services designed by WSP.

Rob Clarkeson of WSP, explains, ‘Sustainability and energy efficiency were key criteria in the design of the new buildings, and we were also keen to maintain low noise levels in the teaching spaces. The Freshvector system meets all of these criteria while also providing demand-controlled ventilation in line with the requirements of Building Bulletin 101 for the ventilation of school buildings.’

The dampers on the Freshvector vents are controlled automatically by CO2 levels in the space; There is some local over-ride facility. If required, sections dedicated to fresh-air heating load and building-fabric heating loads can be controlled independently.

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