Please breath responsibly

Delivering the gin-and-tonic vapour for visitors to the ‘Alcoholic architecture project’ in London is a JS Mistifier Plus humidifier.

An unusual application of a humidifier from JS Humidifiers was to supply a gin-and-tonic mix to revellers at a London bar. The wall-mounted Mistifier Plus humidifier sprayed one part Hendrick’s gin to three parts tonic water into a room decorated like the inside of a cocktail with giant limes, massive straws and a soundtrack by sound artist Douglas Murphy.

The ‘Alcoholic architecture’ project was created by Bompas & Parr and was open for six days during April. Visitors donned protective suits to walk through the cocktail cloud to prevent their clothes becoming sticky and could lounge around in the mist-filled atmosphere for up to an hour inhaling the gin and tonic.

The organisers undertook extensive research into the health-and-safety implications of breathing alcohol and worked with the University College London Hospital to establish safe levels. Advice was taken on the potential flammability of the atmosphere from chemical explosive experts.

The Mistifier Plus humidifiers is a low-energy, cold-water spray humidifier that can release up to 6.5 l/h of moisture.

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