New fire system at Royal Albert Hall has Internet monitoring capability

Advanced Electronics
The new fire system at the Royal Albert Hall can be monitored over the Internet.

As part of the upgrading of the fire system at the Royal Albert Hall, six networked Mx-4400 intelligent control panels from Advanced Electronics have been supplied and commissioned by Leader Systems UK. These panels have been fitted with ipGateway to enable the system to be monitored over the Internet using a standard web browser.

The ipGateway is a fully interactive Internet portal that provides a detailed description of the system and reports its current status. The ability to remotely interrogate the fire system is a valuable benefit to the end user and Leader Systems, which can identify problems before they actually happen and reduce unnecessary journeys to site.

The Mx-4400 4-loop panels are connected to over a thousand Apollo Discovery and Xpander devices. There is also condition monitoring of all dampers via a bespoke LED mimic panel. Overall monitoring and management of the system is achieved with Advanced’s PC-NeT graphics software running on a standard PC connected to the fire network.

The Mx-4400 panels have sophisticated cause-and-effect programmability and powerful I/O capability — as demonstrated by a simple mode-change facility. Royal Albert Hall’s maintenance team can change the mode of specific detectors during a performance via a simple keyswitch connected to one of the panels.

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