Modern boiler meets traditional radiators in period house

Neatly Blending in with the rainwater and soil downpipes is the flue from a bespoke Keston boiler rig in the cramped basement of this large 3- storey house to serve cast-iron radiators and provide hot water

Installation challenges to the provision of heating and hot water in a large 3-storey house in Cheshire were overcome with a bespoke rig built by Keston Boilers and its solvent-welded waste-pipe flue system. The challenge was to retain cast-iron radiators and place the new boiler and cylinder in a cellar with a low ceiling and only accessible via steep steps with tight corners.

The solution was a bespoke rig with break points in the frame, pipework and wiring so it could be manoeuvred down the staircase in sections.

Steve Hibbert of FH Industrial Heating Services was commissioned to resolve the problems and recommended to Keston by Brian Harrison, branch manager at PTS in Rochdale.

Having completed the job, Steve Hibbert says, The client was delighted with the end result. The whole house warmed up rapidly, the cast-iron radiators were hot for the first time, and the black flue blended in with the character of the building.

At the client’s request, a twin-coil cylinder was fitted to enable solar heating to be added later. A black solvent-welded waste-pipe flue was run vertically between the rainwater and soil down pipes to terminate above the eaves. An outside temperature sensor was fitted to actuate the weather compensator that is standard with Keston boilers.

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