Watermatic tackles cost penalties of limescale

Watermatic, electrolytic water treatment, limescale
Among installations enjoying the benefits of Watermatic’s Kal-Guard system for reducing scale formation is the Premier Inn at Worcester.
The capabilities of Watermatic’s Kal-Guard+ water electrolytic water treatment to reduce the formation of limescale on heat-transfer surfaces have been used to benefit by companies such as Birds Eye, BMW, Whitbread, Asda and KrsipyCreme. Independent tests at Cranfield University have shown a reduction in limescale formation of up to 80%. Kal-Guard+ is a in-line powered water-treatment device that delivers a pro­portional release of zinc to manage limescale in a system. Sophisticated control that is simple to use matches the level of dosing to water conditions, producing a measurable residual effect throughout the system. The effects of limescale can be severe. For example a 1 mm layer of limescale raises energy costs by 7.5%. The effect of a 12 mm layer is to raise energy costs by 70%. Watermatic offers CPD seminars highlighting the potential savings to a wide range of businesses. The company’s web site (below) also has a payback calculator.

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