Samsung advances the art of air-conditioning control

Samsung, air conditioning

Samsung’s DMS2 data-management server enables building managers to remotely oversee installations of air-conditioning systems and virtually leave these systems to manage themselves. The system is designed to become a core element of the integrated management system for Samsung’s DVM Plus III (VRF) air heating and cooling installations.

Each DMS2 can manage systems with up to 256 indoor units and also support energy-recovery ventilators and air-handling units. Its built-in web server provides monitoring and control of individual units, groups of units or a whole system via the Internet.

For installations of fewer than 16 units, DMS2 connects directly to the system via an interface module. In larger installations, DMS2 connects to centralised controllers feeding multiple interface modules.

For security, data is stored on SD memory cards.

Faults are notified to managers or engineers by e-mail. For serious emergencies, DMS2 is interlocked with building and fire-control systems to ensure a rapid response.

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