Steam-to-steam humidifier

JS Humidifiers, humidification

The Neptronic SKS steam-to-steam humidifiers from JS Humidifiers uses an existing supply of impure boiler steam or high-temperature liquid through a sealed heat exchanger to create sterile steam suitable for humidifying air. These units can provide up to 600 kg/h of steam to an air-handling unit or ductwork. Applications include hospitals, universities, pharmaceutical manufacturing and other large institutions with steam or high-temperature-liquid circuits.

A scale-management system helps reduce maintenance. Scale cracks off the heating elements as they expand and contract during operation and falls to a sloped surface at the bottom of the boiling chamber. Incoming cold water forces the scale into removable trap trays from which it can be removed quickly and easily.

A patented system only drains water when foam is present, rather than regularly skimming hot water to drain to combat foaming — avoiding energy wastage.

Heat exchangers can be of copper or stainless steel. Humidity is controlled to ±3%. There is a timed auto-drain to prevent water remaining in the system and low-temperature drain water at less than 60°C.

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