Air curtains as a CRC response

Dimplex, air curtain
Retrofitting air curtains such as this Dimplex unit can provide an effective way of reducing a building’s energy consumption.

Dimplex is promoting its air curtains as an effective way of reducing the energy consumption of buildings by creating a stream of fast-moving air that prevents treated air (heated and cooled) escaping through open doorways. With a view to the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, Dimplex suggests that specifying air curtains or upgrading them to more efficient units can provide a fast and easy way to reduce the energy required to maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

Air curtains are a relatively low cost yet effective way to increase the efficiency of a whole HVAC system. Dimplex air curtains are easy to retrofit, with recessed and surface-mounted models available.

Dimplex air curtains are supplied with a built-in BEMS as standard, and they can also be controlled via timers, presence detectors and temperature controls. Efficiency can often be improved by linking the operation of air curtains to other HVAC equipment, either directly or via a BEMS, to avoid conflicting operating and improve overall system efficiency.

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