The power of chemical descaling for systems

Kamco, descaling
Powerful chemical descaling — Kamco’s CF90 descaling pump and ScaleBreaker FX chemical.

Kamco’s ScaleBreaker FX is a vigorous chemical descaling agent that dissolves limescale, rust and corrosion deposits. It can be used to remove scaled from boilers, air-conditioning plant and heat exchangers. The product is circulated through the equipment to be descaled. It reacts immediately, taking deposits into solution. The evolution of carbon dioxide provides visual monitoring of the descaling process.

Special inhibitors protect steel, stainless steel, iron, cast iron, copper and brass. This chemical cleaner is safe to use with metals commonly found in heating and cooling systems.

The red colour gradually changes to yellow as limescale is dissolved and the solution becomes neutralised. More ScaleBreaker FX can be added if descaling has not been completed. It is suitable for descaling boilers, water heaters, chillers, condenser, combination-boiler heat exchanges, calorifiers, shell-and-plate heat exchangers etc.

Descaling is even faster if the solution is circulated vigorously, and purpose-built descaling pumps are available from Kamco.

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