Hager introduces plug-and-play lighting control

Hager, lighting control

Hager’s Klik.system plug-and-play lighting-control system is simple to install and program and can be used for digital and standard lighting installations. This prefabricated wiring solution includes lighting marshalling boxes with four to 12 outlets, conduit box/surface connector for a single luminaire, prewired pluggable occupancy sensors and prewired plugs with 3 or 5 m leads.

The same plug-and-socket interface is used for all luminaires — whether switchstart, digital and/or emergency lighting. It is therefore easy to upgrade a standard lighting system to be fully dimmable at a later date by changing existing fittings and sensors.

Klick.system can be used as a standalone solution or as part of a more complex building-management system. There are KNX-compatible occupancy sensors, for example.

Plug-in occupancy sensors are available for relay and digital control and combine occupancy detection with a photocell to switch or dim lighting in response to movement and natural light levels.

While lighting control is automatic, the system can be over-ridden manually by wall switches or a hand-held remote control.

The system complies with the new BS 8488 for prefabricated wiring systems intended for permanent connection in fixed installations.

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