BSRIA opens test facility for flues and chimneys

BSRIA, flues, chimneys
Testing and technical support for flue and chimney manufacturers — BSRIA’s Steve Cadd.

BSRIA has started test work in a new 200 m2facility dedicated to the comprehensive testing of flues, chimneys and fittings. It is designed for testing product safety, fire resistance, reliability, corrosion and performance characteristics to the requirements of European standards, local markets and regulations. The new facility is part of BSRIA’s continuous expansion of its test capabilities to provide testing and technical support to UK and other European manufacturers.

Steve Cadd, business manager of micro-climate and test, explains, ‘In the HVAC industry, there is a continuous development of products that need to conform to stringent requirements of British, European and other international standards. Having access to testing capacity that incorporates all aspects of different standards will facilitate faster conformity assessment. This particularly applies to safety products such as chimneys and flues that require complex and rigorous assessments.’

The facility is capable of comprehensive testing of all types of chimneys and flues — including metal, concrete, plastic, flexible, system chimneys, smoke and connecting flue pipes, flue liners and fire-stop plates.

Bespoke data acquisition and processing, and improved safety systems enable several tests to be conducted at the same time and improve test time.

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