Bitzer extends Ecoline series of compressors

Bitzer, Ceoline compressor, reicprocating

Bitzer has extended its range of Ecoline reciprocating compressors to provide more application opportunities. In addition to R134a, many other refrigerants (including R404A, R407A, R407C, R407F and R507A) can be used. The extended range offers a 5 to 6% improvement in cooling capacity in medium-temperature applications and even greater improvements for low-temperature applications.

The COP has been increased by up to 12% for high and low condensing temperatures. Speed can be closely controlled using an inverter. Models with four and six cylinders can be equipped with cylinder-head unloading to provide a very cost-effective form of capacity control.

All Ecoline compressors in the new range are based on the successful second generation of semi-hermetic Bitzer reciprocating compressors. There are also no changes in the mounting-foot pattern, the suction and discharge line connections. This ensures universal interchangeability between first- and second-generation compressors.

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