Stokvis covers wide range of heating needs

Stokvis, boiler, space heating

The range of equipment for heating systems from Stokvis Energy Systems ranges from boilers, through plate heat exchangers to evacuated-tube solar-thermal collectors. The company also offers an air-heating system for commercial and public buildings and an extended range of pressurisation units.

The solar-thermal collectors have an exceptionally high performance. Independent laboratory tests have showed an output of 750 kWh/m2 a year in direct heating mode and 850 kWh/m2 a year in pre-heat mode.

The R40 range of wall-hung boilers comprises five models with outputs from 65 to 145 kW. Modules can be connected to form Modupak to provide the outputs needed for larger commercial and public buildings.

Illustrated is the C Series of Econoplate plate heat exchangers. They are designed to operate at lower flow and return temperatures to integrate with full condensing boiler operation.

Boilers in the condensing ultra-low NOx Econoflame R6000 range are available in seven models with outputs from 142 to 539 kW. They have a patented water-cooled down-firing premix burner system and stainless-steel heat exchanger. NOx emissions are 15 to 35 mg/kWH at 0% O2.

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