Trend BEMs achieves big energy savings for Italian supermarket

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The installation of a Trend BMS and Energy Manager software has reduced energy consumption at this supermarket in Italy by 26%.

The installation of a Trend BMS in the flagship Rome store of Italian supermarket chain Unicoop Tirreno has seen energy consumption reduced by 26% over the first eight months. The extrapolated potential saving of Eu30/m2 a year gives a payback of just 12 months and enables the 2900 m2 Coop Colleferro store to meet all its major objectives in terms of comfort, cost and carbon-saving targets.

This installation comprises four Trend IQ3xcite controllers and a 963 Supervisor. There are over 200 points. There is direct communication over the Coop Italia Intranet. Controlled plant includes air conditioning, cold stores, refrigerators and air extracts.

Complementing the 963 Supervisor is a Trend Energy Manager software tool that can be used to highlight and investigate energy use — including gas and electricity. This tool can be used to apply specific calculations and analysis in reports that contain observations, advice, proposals and performance graphs to help optimise energy consumption throughout the store.

Internal lighting now operates at 100% during opening hours and 50% during the restocking period, with over-ride if required. Cold-cabinet blinds are closed automatically by the BMS.

Hot-water boilers are turned off if temperatures exceed 18°C. An air-condensing chiller producing cold water is stopped when the external temperature exceeds 18°C.

The distribution circuit has three inverter-controlled pumps. Pressure is measured by a sensor with a setpoint of 0.8 bar for the summer and 0.5 bar for the winter.

Two AHUs provide air conditioning. Each has a single coil for heating or cooling according to the time of year. During the restocking period, the fresh-air damper is closed.

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