Preserving the home of Britain’s first Prime Minister

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Helping to preserve the furniture and contents of Houghton Hall in Norfolk is the control of environmental conditions by a single CentraLine Hawk integration controller.

Houghton Hall was built by Britain’s first Prime Minister Sir Robert Walpole and has a unique interior and history. It is surrounded by parkland set in Norfolk’s countryside and is one of England’s greatest country mansions open to the public.

Home of the 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley, Houghton Hall is an enjoyable day out for the family, its garden, sculpture park and museum of model soldiers provides contrasting and fascinating areas of interest for everyone.

To ensure Houghton Hall continues to conserve its furnishing and contents for the enjoyment and appreciation of its present day and future visitors, it is important to ensure they remain in an environmentally stable condition.

The entire building-management system was engineered and installed by CentraLine Partner Advanced Controls & Management Systems Ltd. It is based on a single Hawk integration controller located in the main plant room.

All the mansion’s rooms require differing and flexible monitoring and control regimes. This is provided by humidity and temperature sensors networked with the CentraLine LON input/output (I/O) devices installed in existing control panels.

Internet access is provided to allow the staff to plan daily or weekly events. Each room or zone is graphically displayed, allowing the mansion staff to control and manage the complete system to ensure the halls environmental demands are coordinated with visitor demand.

John Russell, managing director of Advanced Controls & Management Systems Ltd, says, ‘Designing and engineering the Houghton Hall building-management systems was both challenging and enjoyable. Applying high-technology control solutions to help conserve historic and iconic buildings is always rewarding.

‘Particularly interesting was understanding and responding to the conservation needs of the hall, balanced with the varying demand of visitor flow rate and the staff’s operational requirements.’

If you would like more information please use the CentraLine or Houghton Hall link below. You can also contact John Russell of Advanced Controls & Management Systems Ltd on 07734 823718.

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