Keeping up the pressure on production at Longley Farm

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Longley Farm is an independent farm located near Holmfirth, Yorkshire, with a worldwide reputation for high-quality dairy products. The farm was founded in 1948 by the Dickinson Family and for over 50 years has worked to produce world-class dairy products based on Yorkshire’s famous traditional commitment to good and wholesome food.

Good milk makes good dairy products, and Longley Farm has one of Europe’s leading herds of Jersey cows.

This is combined with a thorough understanding of the whole dairy process and the critical requirement for quality control throughout production.

Keeping pace with customers’ demands whilst maintaining the quality of their products ensures Longley Farm stays at the forefront of food-production technology.

Modern dairy food production requires process-steam-raising plants to be reliable and dependable with close attention to maximising thermal and combustion efficiency whilst minimising fuel cost and carbon emissions.

Recognising the need for a replacement control system to maximise steam generation with minimum fuel usage, Longley Farm worked with CentraLine Partner Combserve to develop a combustion-management and monitoring system for its steam-raising plant.

Combserve is based in Eland, West Yorkshire, and is one of CentraLine by Honeywell’s longest established Partners — with an excellent reputation for boiler installation engineering and associated energy-management and integration solutions.

Pat Ogden, engineering manager of Combserve, explained, ‘Longley Farm required a replacement control system for its process-steam plant capable of modulating the fuel and air mixture in the boiler used in the production of dairy products.

‘The design of the control system encompassed a gas-fired boiler to provide supplemental and standby steam raising for the main coal-fired plant.

‘Our client also wanted the control system to include a measuring station for the pressure and flow rate of the steam into the factory.’

Combserve designed and engineered a system based on the CentraLine Hawk AX integration controller installed in a composite control panel.

Open protocol I/O (input/output) modules enabled the energy-management system to integrate all the key systems and equipment within the plant rooms.

CentraLine industry-standard CBH touchscreen display units were incorporated in the main plant room, and an auxiliary panel in the coal plant room enabled the engineers on site to access all relevant points.

The interactive touchscreen for the coal plant provides monitoring and adjustment of all boiler setpoints from the graphical display, with the facility for an on-line link to historical data.

The graphical displays also show the position of selected valves within the control system.

Information from local pressure-monitoring stations is imported into the Hawk AX integration controller using Modbus open protocol to enable monitoring of the inlet production steam pressures.

Replacement controls for steam-raising plant at Longley Farm in Yorkshire is based on the CentraLine Hawk AX integration controller installed in a composite control panel.

The system can be accessed over the Internet via the Longley Farm VPN (virtual private network), enabling engineers and supervisors to monitor and control the plant off-site if they have a breakdown or alarm.

Andrew Stokes Roberts, senior account manager with CentraLine by Honeywell, said, ‘The Longley Park Farm project is a good example of the Hawk AX being used to provide an up-to-date control and monitoring solution for existing plant whilst also providing the maintenance and production staff with increased access through the Internet.

‘The flexibility of the Niagara-based Hawk with its on board graphics, control and integration capability plus the remote access from Smart devices such as tablets and mobile phones gives our Partners the opportunity to offer their clients scalable economical solutions to quite complex engineering applications.

If you would like more information on CentraLine by Honeywell products please contact 01344 656443.

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