Boiler replacement is plain sailing for Scottish Yacht Club

Vokera, boiler, space heating, Merlin, control, cascade

Two high-output Verve boilers from Vokera have replaced aging gas-fired boilers at the Royal Gourock Yacht in Scotland. The operate in cascade, and their energy-saving potential will be maximised by the Merlin cascade controller (pictured). The new boilers have a combined output of 94 kW.

The bespoke Merlin system can manage the firing sequence and output of both boilers. It also manages the heating programme and the flow temperature of the boilers using the CAN Bus and Opentherm communication protocols.

The Merlin unit can be controlled and updated remotely using a modem or PC connection.

Its user interface is a simple mode selector and temperature selector that enables club staff to easily modify the required temperature and operation of the system as required.

The origins of the Royal Gourock Yacht Club date back to 1894. The club has been based at its present location and clubhouse since 1902, when funds were donated by James Coats of the thread-making family, many of whom were keen sailors.

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