Waterloo’s different perspective on grilles

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Waterloo’s specialist grilles — Plasterline (bottom right), leopard fur finish (above right) and the Urban Grille (left).

In response to the aesthetics demands of the high-end residential market and a trend for industrial styling by architects, Waterloo Air Products has devised a specialist range of grilles and diffusers. There are three types of product. Plasterline linear grilles can, as the name suggests and the picture makes clear, be integrated into a building’s design. Linear diffusers are offered with a huge range of finishes and colours, including special effects such as various woods, carbon fibre, animal prints, leather and marbles. Finally, the Urban Grille is designed for projects where exposed ductwork is a feature of a building’s design.

For linear diffusers, customers are offered the standard 300 RAL and BS colours as well as a large range of non-standard powder coats, including metallic finishes.

Anti-bacterial finishes for hospital environments and clean laboratories are available, as well as textured finishes.

One of the latest additions to Waterloo’s capabilities is hydrographic technology to produce the special effects mentioned above.

Plasterline Grilles are available in four models for integrating into a wall or ceiling before plastering. They are described as providing a subtle but structured appearance without compromising airflow. They can be used in modular or continuous situations with ceiling, sidewall, cill or bulkhead applications. Waterloo offers many optional finishes, which are available on request in a variety of configurations and colours.

Urban Grilles are designed for integrating into ductwork. There are three models — Urban Curve, Urban Flat and Urban End. Options include removable cores, adjustable horizontal or vertical blades and blade pitches, depending on the application and model required.

The Urban Flat grille suits vertical throws when installed on the underside of galvanised steel ducting. Urban End grilles fit into galvanised-steel flat-oval ducts, with various blade angles available.

Urban Grills are supplied in a natural galvanised finish to complement industrial styling, but are also available in natural aluminium finish.

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