RDM helps leisure group reduce energy costs

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Energy costs for an Australian operator of premium leisure assets have been reduced by 20% following the installation of RDM control and monitoring solutions in a number of locations across its division. Ardent Leisure’s portfolio consists of 52 bowling centres and amusement arcades, 77 health clubs, three theme parks and seven marinas.

The RDM solution is expected to deliver a return on investment of less than a year. It is also enabling maintenance technicians to find fault issues much more quickly than the previous system — reducing maintenance costs.

Following completion of certain sites, the RDM system highlighted pre-existing issues associated with plant and equipment that enables efficient rectification and site optimisation.

Ardent Leisure had identified that the HVAC system on a number of its sites was not operating efficiently. Maintenance was a challenge, as the existing control system was proprietary and required specialist technicians for programming and maintenance. Parts needed to be replaced frequently, which was expensive as they had limited short-term warranties.

Energy-efficiency specialist SEDAC Energy Management was appointed to lead the project and proposed the RDM control system to expand the viability and control of the assets and allow for more-efficient operation. Remote access coupled with an intuitive 650 TDB controller enables cost-effective modifications to the control strategy to minimise energy consumption.

The system utilises RDM’s intuitive range of programmable logic and plant controllers using the free-license TDB (The Data Builder) software to create bespoke control programs.

A number of sites operate rooftop package units, and the RDM system improves control and visibility by optimising features of the existing systems. Optimal control of variable-speed drives and economy control dampers improved the efficiency of these units. It was achieved by installing temperature sensors in the zone, air-on coil, air-off coil, return air, outside air and humidity on each unit.

Rick Johnson, energy-efficiency manager with Ardent Leisure, said, ‘The remote access and intuitive control enables me to review performance and asset efficiency from anywhere at any time over the Internet.’

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