First ever polyphase SMETS2 smart meter installed

Britain’s first ever polyphase SMETS2 smart meter was installed on the 4th of August at a property in Gloucestershire.

The device was installed by meter asset provider SMS plc for a customer of Good Energy.

Three-phase power provides heavy loads of electricity and is predominantly used by industrial and commercial (I&C) or high-usage residential sites. Until now, many of these customers have not been able to take advantage of smart meters. Smart meters also encourage flexible demand and help reduce carbon emissions and costs.

The development means that hundreds of thousands of customers connected to a three-phase supply across the domestic and I&C markets will now be able to have a smart meter installed. As a second-generation smart meter (SMETS2) the new technology will allow customers – from homes and small businesses to organisations with larger and more complex electricity supplies – to connect to the secure nationwide network run by the Data Communications Company (Smart DCC), enabling seamless switching between energy suppliers.

Designed by US-based smart infrastructure solutions provider, Aclara, the SGM1433-B is the first fully compliant and certified SMETS2 polyphase electricity meter for the UK market.

“With the introduction of this new polyphase variant meter, Aclara becomes the first and only company to provide a complete portfolio of SMETS2 electricity smart meters that our customers in the United Kingdom need to fulfil their smart metering mandates,” said Jason Subirana, Division Vice President of Meters at Aclara.

“This gives UK energy suppliers and Meter Asset Providers like SMS Plc access to a single-sourced, comprehensive solution that provides a distinct advantage in the marketplace.”

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